onsdag 17 augusti 2011

Video from WorldWarEra.com!

WorldWarEra's new promotion video has just been uploaded!

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måndag 15 augusti 2011

7th War loan - Now all together

Hello again all fans of propaganda!
After a long break, it's time to once again take a look in the wonderful world of propaganda.
Let's start off with an american poster, "7th war loan - Now all together"
What to say about the motive - an absolute classic. It's actually a painting of the original photo, which was taken at Iwo Jima 23 february 1945 by Joe Rosenthal. A smaller flag was raised a couple of hours before, but it was decided to raise a larger flag for propaganda purposes. The rest is pretty much history.
The 7th war loan turned out to be the most successfull ever.

söndag 19 juni 2011

Narva 1219

This time I have picked out a danish WWII Waffen SS recrutment poster. During the occupation of the country, Germany did a hard work recruting young danes to the SS. The result was 6000 danes filling the ranks of the fighting part of the SS.
In this poster, a historical theme is used, something pretty usual when it comes to german recrutment posters aimed for the people of another country - the idea is to show that they fight for their own interest but in german uniforms - it's easier to get voulenteers that way.
The top text in the poster says "Narva 1219 a symbol 1944". Denmark conquered Narva (today a part of Estonia) in 1219, and in the poster the vikings of that time are shown fighting in the background. Narva and the surrounding areas (called Kurland) saw heavy fighting during WWII, and inspired the artis of this poster to make a connection between these two events.
The bottom text says "Also today - Front against east! Voulenteer yourself to the danish regement in the Waffen SS"

onsdag 20 april 2011

Kultur-Terror / Liberators

This is an fascinating piece of work - it's an anti-american, pro-axis poster made by norwegian artist Harald Damsleth. It depicts the americans as smashing monsters, destroying the european culture and heritage.

This poster was made in two versions: The original with the title "Kultur-Terror" (Cultur terror), with norwegian text and in full color.

At the top; "Kultur-Terror" (Cultur terror)

At bottom; "USA vill redde Europas kultur fra undergang. Med hvilken rett?" (USA is going to save Europe's culture from decline. With what right?)

The second version was dutch, with the title "Liberators". This time only in black, white and red (for blood). The text was in dutch and also encouraged the viewer to read the dutch nazi-paper Storm-SS.

Some motifs contained in this poster:

- The decadence of beauty pageants (scantily-clad "Miss America" and "Miss Victory", "The World's Most Beautiful Leg") -- or more generally, the putative sexual laxness of American women.

- Gangsterism and gun violence (the arm of an escaped convict holding a submachine gun).

- Anti-black violence (a lynching noose, a Ku Klux Klan hood).

- General violence of American society, in addition to the above (boxing-glove which grasps the money-bag).

- Mistreatment of Native Americans ("Miss America" wears plains-Indian head-dress).

- The pure materialism or commercialism of America, to the detriment of any spirit or soul (moneybag with "$" symbol).

- The presence of blacks in U.S. population, contributing to its "mongrelization", adding undesirably "primitive" elements to American popular culture, and constituting a potential danger to the white race (strongly muscular arms of a black male, a stereotypically-caricatured black couple dancing the "JITTERBUG - Triumph of Civilization" in birdcage, which is portrayed as a degraded animalistic ritual).

- Decadence of American popular culture, and its pernicious influence on the rest of the world (dancing of jitterbug, hand holds phonograph record, figure of a European gullible "all-ears" dupe in lower foreground).

- Indiscriminate U.S. military violence (bloodied bomb for foot, metal legs, military aircraft wings), threatening the European cultural landmarks at lower right.
Hence the falsity of American claims to be "Liberators". (The word "Liberators" was also the name of a U.S. bomber plane.)

- American jingoism and war fervor (a business-suited arm literally "beating the drum" of militarism, "Miss Victory" and her drum-majorette cap and boots).

- Malevolent influence of Jews and Freemasons (Star of David on Masonic apron descending from drum, caricatured Jewish figure holding on to money-bag).

- Demonization of national symbols of the United States ("Miss Victory" waves the reverse side of 48-star U.S. flag, and the WW2-era Army Air Corps roundel -- of small red disk within white star on large blue disk -- is shown on one of the wings).

You can buy a copy of the first of these posters on www.worldwarera.com/en/nordic-propaganda/kultur-terror/

tisdag 19 april 2011

WW2 Propaganda blog is open!

Welcome to the WW2 propaganda blog!

Here I will post propaganda posters and include some information about the poster.

You can already now visit www.worldwarera.com and take a look on some of the posters!