söndag 19 juni 2011

Narva 1219

This time I have picked out a danish WWII Waffen SS recrutment poster. During the occupation of the country, Germany did a hard work recruting young danes to the SS. The result was 6000 danes filling the ranks of the fighting part of the SS.
In this poster, a historical theme is used, something pretty usual when it comes to german recrutment posters aimed for the people of another country - the idea is to show that they fight for their own interest but in german uniforms - it's easier to get voulenteers that way.
The top text in the poster says "Narva 1219 a symbol 1944". Denmark conquered Narva (today a part of Estonia) in 1219, and in the poster the vikings of that time are shown fighting in the background. Narva and the surrounding areas (called Kurland) saw heavy fighting during WWII, and inspired the artis of this poster to make a connection between these two events.
The bottom text says "Also today - Front against east! Voulenteer yourself to the danish regement in the Waffen SS"

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